Driven by love

Funcampers is our happy accident. In 2010 after being asked for the bazillionth time would we hire our campervan Daisy we finally got the hint !


Soon after the Funcamper family came into being.

If we had to describe Funcampers in a few words all we can really say is that Funcampers is a way of life.

It combines all the things that makes life really precious. Love, fun, freedom and living life at a slower pace.

We travel lifes journey whilst enjoying the ride, breathing deeply and enjoying the view.


We see every event as precious too and we are always so grateful when you choose us to be a part of your special day.

That is why we give you our full and undivided attention and why our "Guardians"always go the extra mile.


Who are our Guardians?

They are your drivers... they treat our camper babies like gold and you, our customers like well loved friends.

Shout out to... Wonder Wayne, Gorgeous George, Amazing Andy and Marvellous Mark.


At Funcampers we love to make sure that the happiest day of your life really IS the happiest day of your life.

Our Story


For a personalised quotation, please email or contact

Mark on 07824 601 888 and let us exceed your expectations.