Driven by love

Baby Blue

Our gorgeous and very loveable Baby Blue loves anything beachy as we can see from his "Life's a beach " mantra ; when he grows up he wants to be a marine biologist. Handsome with a laid back style, girls love him and boys want to be him.

Favourite film : Oceans 11

Princess Trixie-Belle

Our elegant Belle of the ball, completely unaware of how beautiful she really is. The oldest member of the Funcamper family, she brings wisdom and glamour to every occasion.  She loves having her wheels cleaned and her oil served from a china teapot.

Favourite film : Breakfast at Tiffany's                                  


It is thanks to Daisy that Funcampers came into being. Free spirited and bohemian with her beautiful Daisy pattern and her "life is too short " mantra. She loves nature and festivals and thinks her wheels are wellies.

Favourite film : Dirty Dancing - nobody puts Daisy in a corner.


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Mr & Mrs Becker

Soulmates. Our cute and quirky power couple only have eyes for each other. Adaptable as they are elegant. Rain or shine they have you covered. A modern twist on a classic theme.

Favourite film : Up



Our 4x4 all action hero. Brad goes where others fear to tread. Whatever the weather he's your guy. Modern and luxurious, smooth and debonair, not afraid to get dirty.

Favourite film : Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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